2018 Female-to-Female Crown Cutter Nipple Assembly   Cassette E.F. Tapes    
    2017 Split w/ Tony Montana   Digital Poop    
    2016 Noise Bloopers   CD SunShip    
    2015 Night Beaver   Cassette E.F. Tapes    
    2014 Princess Ceremony   Pro CDR SunShip    
    2014 Sexy Babies   Cassette E.F. Tapes    
    2014 Split w/ NRYY   Cassette Silent Novels    
    2014 Split w/ Ginger Cortes   Cassette Forever Escaping Boredom    
    2013 Split w/ Hogra   Cassette Blackseed    
    2013 Ultra High   3-inch CDR Petite Soles    
    2013 Ultra High (Tour-Only Edition)   Cassette E.F. Tapes    
    2012 Escape to Sin   Cassette E.F. Tapes    
    2012 Cassetteworks 2   Pro CDR Burial Noise
    2011 Official Bootleg (w/ Boron Nuzzle & Dental Work)   CDR Placenta, Trashfuck    
    2011 Split w/ Dental Work   3-inch CDR Freenoise  
    2011 Fuck E.S.P. (w/ Arvo Zylo)   Cassette E.F. Tapes, Rainbow Bridge  
    2011 Split w/ Demonologists   Cassette Rainbow Bridge  
    2011 Historia de la Musica Cock   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    2011 Historia de la Musica Cock   CD Breathmint, Little Mafia, SunShip    
    2011 Split w/ Hostage Pageant   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    2010 Music for Two Cassette Players (w/ Al Qaeda)   Double Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    2010 Split w/ RU-486   Cassette Exterminate the Brutes  
    2010 Respect the Cock   Cassette Destructive Industries  
    2009 Collaboration w/ Armenia   CDR BAA  
    2009 Greatest Dicks 4   CDR Freenoise  
    2008 Collaboration w/ Newton   Cassette Breathmint  
    2008 Split w/ Solypsis   Cassette Freenoise
    2008 Impersonal Lubricant (released as Hagony)   CDR Freenoise    
    2008 The High Price of Ass (released as Hagony)   CDR Freenoise    
    2007 Drikk For Glemme, Men Ikke Glem Drikke   CDR Noise2  
    2007 Previously Unreleased, Despite Our Best Efforts   Cassette E.F. Tapes
    2007 Untitled (released as Hagony)   Cassette FAGGOT    
    2005 Cassetteworks 1994-2004   Triple CDR Box Set E.F. Tapes
    2005 We Would Be Happy - A Noise Opera (w/ Costes, Lasse Marhaug, K.K. Null, Richard Ramirez, Smell & Quim   CD Back Bacon, Little Mafia, Nihilist, Roggbif, SunShip    
    2004 Split w/ Origami Genitalia   Cassette FDDE  
    2004 Greatest Dicks III   3-inch CD Breathmint, Deadline, Little Mafia, SunShip    
    2004 Split LP (w/ Appliancide; split w/ Waffelpung)   CD Roggbif, SunShip    
    2003 Hurts So Good - The Cock E.S.P. Remix CD   CD V/Vm Test    
    2003 Greatest Dicks II   CD Breathmint, Carbon, Deathbomb Arc, Little Mafia, SunShip, Yelpco    
    2003 Last Train to Cocksville (w/ Panicsville)   CD Little Mafia, Nihilist, SunShip    
    2002 Cock Street USA   CDR E.F. Tapes  
    2002 Three and a Half Inches of Floppy Cock   3.5-inch diskette 1.44mb  
    2001 SunShip Sextet (Jesse Petersen/John Vance/Cock E.S.P.)   CDR Carbon  
    2001 More Second Rate Material   Cassette New Gods of Tundra  
    2001 The Pride of North American Noise   CD Breathmint, Carbon, Ecstatic Peace, Ignivomous, SunShip    
    2000 Split w/ Brutum Fulmen   3-inch CDR Gameboy  
    2000 Split w/ Unconditional Loathing   3-inch CDR SunShip
    2000 First Among Equals   CDR Freedom From    
    2000 Split and ollaboration w/ An Oxygen Auction   CDR SunShip  
    2000 Public Apology   Cassette Freedom From  
    2000 Excessive Size Punisher   CD Fever Pitch    
    1999 Maximum Protein   CDR SunShip  
    1999 Split w/ 4 Flies on Grey Velvet   CDR Let It Rot  
    1999 One of the Best Bands I've Ever Ever Ever Heard   CDR mp3.com  
    1999 Lost Classics   Digital Download Broke Bunnie
    1999 If She Says That You Can Have It Tell Her No   LP SunShip, Uglysound    
    1999 We Mean It This Time   CD Blackbean, SunShip    
    1999 Music for Man with No Name (w/ Merzbow)   CD Blackbean    
    1998 Cock Soup   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1998 Futurism is Stupid   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1998 Split w/ Humectant Interruption   Cassette Spite  
    1998 Viking Blood (Split w/ Lasse Marhaug)   CDR SunShip
    1998 Cockworld   CD Little Mafia    
    1997 Bound for Glory   Cassette JTY Tapes  
    1997 Cock E.S.P./Emil Hagstrom   Cassette Labyrinth  
    1997 Menasha Red Light District   CD Blackbean, SunShip    
    1996 Masters of Humiliation   CDR Igniomous  
    1996 Up and Down with Cock E.S.P.   Cassette Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers  
    1996 Cockliveroil (w/ Dogliveroil)   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1996 Collaboration w/ Deep Kiss   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1996 Split w/ Zartan   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1996 Split w/ Death Squad   Cassette Spastik Soniks  
    1996 Drenched in the Blood of Serious Noise Artists   Cassette Jill-Off Tapes  
    1996 Get Her Down! Shove it In! It's Tango Time!   Cassette Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers  
    1996 Greatest Dicks   CD Pure    
    1996 Maschinenwerk (w/ Aube)   CD Charnel Music    
    1995 Clit Cutters   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1995 Split w/ Grace Brother   Cassette Noise  
    1995 Collaboration w/ A.M.B.   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1995 The Fine Art of Anal Intercourse   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1995 Annabel Chong Loves Noise   Cassette Deadline  
    1995 Jock   Cassette Crank Incorporado  
    1995 Dick E.S.P. (w/ Richard Ramirez)   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1995 (Split)   Cassette 23 Sound Recordings  
    1995 Recycled Music   Cassette RRRecords  
    1995 Collaboration w/ Violent Onsen Geisha   Cassette My Fiance's Lifework  
    1995 Split w/ Dancing test Tubes   Cassette Union Pole  
    1995 Up and Coming   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1995 Victoria's Anal Secret   Cassette Deadline  
    1994 Split w/ Macronympha   Cassette Mother Savage  
    1994 Never Mind the Boredoms   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1994 Split w/ MSBR   Double Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1994 To All the Girls We've Loved Before   Cassette E.F. Tapes    
    1994 Split w/ Thirdorgan   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1994 Collaboration w/ Love & Sincerity   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1994 Squish   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1994 Ass Masters Breakout   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1994 Day of the Dead Dicks   Cassette Destroy All Music  
    1994 In the Mood for Love   Cassette Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers  
    1994 Mono Mad Men   Cassette Face Like a Smacked Arse  
    1994 Music to Wash Girls By   Cassette Chocolate Monk
    2015 Les Malformation Congnitales (split w/ Sete Star Sept)   7-inch Underground Pollution    
    2014 Have You Heard?   One-Sided Cassette E.F. Tapes    
    2014 Have You Heard?   CDR Freenoise    
    2012 Toilet Pop   Cassette E.F. Tapes    
    2012 Split w/ Cokskar   Cassette E.F. Tapes    
    2012 The Golden Age of Sluts   Cassette E.F. Tapes    
    2012 12-Piece Cum Bucket Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    2012 Taking Meds to Make Music to Take Meds To Cassette E.F. Tapes    
    2012 Electric Static Bodies (split w/ Actuary)   7-inch Love Earth Music, No One's Ark    
    2011 Split w/ FUN   Square lathe-cut 7-inch & CDR boxset Breathmint    
    2010 Berlin Wedding (Split w/ Origami Boe)   Lathe-cut 7-inch Humbug    
    2009 Split w/ Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck   Cassette Lascivious Aesthetics    
    2009 Split w/ Extreme Noise Terror   5-inch vinyl Little Mafia    
    2008 Split w/ Suffering Bastard   10-inch Apop, Breathmint, Freenoise, Little Mafia    
    2008 Suicide Girls Has Ruined Porn for an Entire Generation   Cassette Breathmint    
    2006 Split w/ Ovo   7-inch 8mm, Apop, Bar La Muerte, Bastardised, Carbon, Little Mafia    
    2006 Split w/ Pommel   Cassette No Sides Records    
    2005 Collaboration w/ The Jaguar   CDR Audiobot    
    2004 After Everything Now Shit   One-sided lathe-cut 7-inch Root Don Lonie for Cash    
    2000 Larsen   Digital Download Independent Mind    
    2000 Monsters of Cock (w/ Evil Moisture)   5-inch vinyl Blackbean, Ecstatic Peace, Freedom From, Gameboy, Ignivomous, Little Mafia, Self Abuse, SunShip, Spite, Uglysound, White Tapes    
    2000 Split w/ Noumena   7-inch Gameboy    
    2000 Split w/ the Nihilist Spasm Band   Business Card CDR SunShip    
    1998 Viking Blood   Cassette E.F. Tapes    
    1998 Super Noise Penis (w/ Smell & Quim)   7-inch Spite    
    1998 Wreck Small Cocks on Expensive Pussies (w/ Harry Pussy)   Lathe-cut 8-inch Freedom From    
    1998 You Know What They Say About Guys with Short Sets   Cassette Freedom From    
    1996 Our Embarrassment is Your Pleasure   7-inch Little Mafia    
    1996 Split w/ Dogliveroil   7-inch Very Good    
    1994 Music for Man with No Name (w/ Merzbow)   7-inch Fusetron  
    2010 Year (of Fools)   3-inch DVDR Freenoise    
    2009 15 Years of Serious Live Noise Performances   DVDR Freenoise    
    2008 American Noise Rocks!   Pro DVDR Freenoise    
    2004 Experimental Music With a Touch of Class   DVDR Breathmint    
    2003 10th Anniversary Tour   DVDR SunShip    
    2003 Back in Black & Blue   DVDR SunShip    
    2003 Live Classics   DVDR SunShip    
    2000 Emotionally Stimulating Performances   VHS SunShip    
    1999 No Disrespect   VHS SunShip    
    1998 Making It Our Business   VHS SunShip  
    2015 Midwest Harsh Fest 1   Digital Download Fire Island, AK    
    2014 MPLS MMXIV: Minneapolis Noise Circa 2014   Triple Cassette Fire Island, AK    
    2014 MSF5 Benefit Compilation   Digital Download Placenta    
    2014 The Eternal Now presents An Exacerbated Eclectic Compilation   CDR WFMU    
    2013 One Minute Autohypnosis Sex War Noise Faith White Truth Light...   CDR Mutesound    
    2012 The Poor, The Sick & The Ignorant - 20th Anniversary Edition   Cassette E.F. Tapes    
    2012 Nothing Good Ever Comes From Milwaukee   Cassette E.F. Tapes    
    2012 God Bless America   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    2010 With Friends Like These - 10 Years of Pissing in the Wind   CDR Gold Soundz  
    2010 Cold as Fuck   LP Insides Music  
    2010 Horrible Fest V   CDR Now That's Class  
    2010 1 Minute Autohypnosis Sex War Noise Faith White   CDR Mute Sound  
    2010 Encyclopaedia of Industrial Music, Vol. 1   Double CDR & book Impulsy Stetoskopu  
    2010 Heavy Focus   Double CDR Small Doses, Phage Tapes  
    2009 Anna & Gianni Official Marriage Announcement Record   7-inch Little Mafia  
    2009 The Placenta Family Tree Compilation - Disc 1   CDR Placenta  
    2009 Ways to Kill Your Neighbor Using a Cat   CDR RZR  
    2009 Chewy Chewy Gumdrops/Hawkey Rock #20   CDR & zine Hockey Rawk  
    2008 (TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA) 13,000.00 MilliSeconds...   CD Ratskin  
    2008 Trunculence   Lock-Groove 7-inch No Part of It  
    2008 Brains on Backwash   Cassette 905 Tapes  
    2008 Another Minute   Cassette Breathmint  
    2008 Dirgehead Distribution Company Compilation 2008   Double CDR Dirgehead  
    2008 Keep it Frozen   Digital Download KIF Recordings  
    2008 Musikmekanik Cirkus - Numero Uno   CD Musikmekanikcirkus  
    2007 The Avant-Trash Festival   Digital Download V/Vm Test  
    2007 subZERO 2001 (w/ Unconditional Loathing)   Digital Download V/Vm Test  
    2007 subZERO 1999   Digital Download V/Vm Test  
    2006 612Noise   Cassette Insides Music  
    2006 Mlange-a-trois   CDR E.F. Tapes  
    2006 Brainwaves   Triple-CD Brainwashed  
    2006 Can Buy Me Love 3   CD Digital Vomit  
    2006 I Don't Think the Dirt Belongs to the Grass   Triple-CD Carbon  
    2006 Volume Two   Double CDR Friends & Relatives  
    2006 Pass the Doughnut-Shaped Cushion, Alice   Cassette BTR  
    2006 Can Buy Me Love 2   CD Digital Vomit  
    2005 Just Drums II - The Project (Released as M.S.Bacon/E.W.Hagstrom)   Double-CD Fever Pitch  
    2005 Breaking Down the Barriers   Digital Download Afe Records  
    2005 Cum on Feel the Noize   CDR Brise-Cul  
    2005 Terry Plumming Issue #TOWWELS (w/ late)   CDR & Zine Terry Plumming  
    2005 Untitled   Quadruple CDR Alamagator  
    2005 Just Because Your Music Wears Thin Doesn't Mean You're in Good Shape   Double CDR XDEY Records  
    2005 Swamp Comp Vol. II - 2003-2004   Triple CDR Swamp of Pus  
    2005 Fokrotkop Magazine   3-inch CDR Audiobot, Imvated, Jelly  
    2005 Rotten Remixes - Volume 2   CDR Lazy Squid  
    2004 Cataclastic Fracture Vol. II   CD Deadline, Unlimited Drift    
    2004 Locked Grooves   Double 7-inch Little Mafia  
    2004 Mlange-a-trois - Volume 1   Digital Download Mlange-a-trois  
    2004 Sprinklers With Blood Shooting Out   CDR Tin Cans and Twine  
    2004 Night of the Living Dead/Bird   CDR Breathmint  
    2003 Morphem 8-1   Cassette Recordings for the Summer  
    2003 Relax - The Full Story   CD V/Vm Test  
    2003 Relax - From Soft to Hard   12-inch V/Vm Test  
    2003 Relax - To Be Stolen or Bought   12-inch V/Vm Test  
    2003 Zatsu Ongaku   CD V/Vm Test  
    2003 Eye Candy   VHS Breathmint  
    2003 Short Attention Span   VHS Breathmint  
    2003 Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish (Released as Vig E.S.P. - The Vig & Cock E.S.P. collaboration)   CD Animal World  
    2003 Rotkop 7: Sports   CDR / Zine Rotkop  
    2003 Rotkop 6: Sea Creatures   CDR / Zine Rotkop  
    2003 This is a Free Sampler - Cause No One Buys Our Releases...   CDR Breathmint  
    2003 This is a Free Sampler - With the Hopes That U Might Purchase Something...   CDR Breathmint  
    2003 Macska Leves (w/ Art Pratten)   CD Manufracture  
    2003 It's Fan-Dabi-Dozi!   Double-CD v/Vm Test  
    2003 Soun   7-inch Gameboy  
    2002 No Tribute - Music of the Nihilist Spasm Band   CD Breathmint, Carbon, Little Mafia, SunShip  
    2002 Blackbean's Dirty Little Secret   CD Blackbean & Placenta  
    2002 Why is Anything Forbidden? (w/ Dj Enormous Genitals)   CD Deathbomb Arc  
    2002 Difficult Music for Difficult People 2   CDR RRs.R  
    2002 Sampler for WHPK Festival of Marginalized Subgenres   CDR Makeout Carnage  
    2002 Priya Ray Benefit   CDR Freedom From  
    2002 Corona Classics - Volume 1   CDR E.F. Tapes  
    2001 Phi-Phenomena   CD Breathmint/Carbon/FF.../Ignivomous/Servus/SunShip/Yelpco  
    2001 Wigs on Fire!   Double-CD Nihilist  
    2001 Destroyed Photograph   CDR Impulse to Injury  
    2001 Sound Mirror - Volume 1   Cassette Hermetic Museum Recordings  
    2000 Popular Music for Popular People   CD Gameboy  
    2000 Rock Me Amadeus - A Tribute to Falco   Double 7-inch V/Vm Test  
    2000 Audio Terrorism   CD C.N.P., Heartplug, Satan's Pimp  
    2000 Underground Music - Secrets Exposed!   VHS SunShip  
    2000 Wreck Havoc on the Programmers   Cassette Orange Socks  
    2000 YSQ1   CDR YSQ  
    2000 Noise Conglomerate #3   CDR A.E.N.  
    2000 Verweisung   Double-CDR PigDog  
    2000 Klang #1   3-inch CDR Fognin, One Brain  
    2000 All-Purpose Compilation Release   CDR SunShip  
    1999 EFCSSCDR   CDR SunShip  
    1998 The Swingers Club (w/ Rotten Piece & Iugula-Thor)   CDR Self Abuse  
    1998 Ass High and Left of Center   VHS Black Velvet Fuckere  
    1998 The Red Badge of Courage   VHS Stomach Ache  
    1998 RRR500   Lock-Groove 12-inch RRRecords  
    1998 Muckraker #8   7-inch Giardia  
    1998 Funk Metal   Cassette Boobtown  
    1998 Faute de Mieux   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1997 Cooking Hows and Whys   12-inch Blackbean & Placenta  
    1997 Screw   Double-CD Entartete Kunst  
    1997 A Gift for the One You Hate   Cassette Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers  
    1997 A Gift for the One You Love   Cassette Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers  
    1996 Kulture Shot 2   CD A.I.P.R.  
    1996 Kiling Has Muertas, Cuantas Veces?   12-inch Climax  
    1996 Music of the Dancing Cow - Volume 4   Cassette Face Like a Smacked Arse  
    1996 L.T.Z. - Original Soundtrack   Cassette Less Than Zero  
    1996 Another Sweet Headache   Cassette Bizarre Audio Arts  
    1996 Cyclone 96   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1996 Easter, Puberty & Amplifiers   7-inch Ignivomous  
    1995 Maximum Noise Volume 2   Cassette Hebi Like a Snake  
    1995 Project 23   Double-Cassette FDR Tapes  
    1995 The Japanese-American Noise Treaty   Double-CD Relapse  
    1995 Destroy All Music - Then & Now   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1995 Fruits of the Spirit   Cassette JTY Tapes  
    1995 In Lieu of Id   Cassette Mandibles in Crisis  
    1995 S.O.S.   Double-Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1995 Noisenet - Volume 1   Double-Cassette Noise  
    1994 Violent Ambient - Volume 1   Cassette Chocolate Monk  
    1994 Fuck You, Genesis P'Orridge   Cassette Epitapes  
    1994 The Poor, The Sick, and The Ignorant (U.K. Edition)   Cassette Face Like a Smacked Arse  
    1994 S&M - Volume 2   Cassette Face Like a Smacked Arse  
    1994 S&M - Volume 1   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1994 Cyclone   Cassette E.F. Tapes  
    1993 Mutual Lacunas for Born Again Lovers   Cassette Chocolate Monk
    2011 FUN "Plays 'Music for Two Cassette Players'" Cock E.S.P. remixed by FUN Cassette Breathmint    
    2011 DJ Cattle Hammer "Outdoor Dentist" One track remixed by Cock E.S.P. Digital Download Broken Box    
    2011 FUN "My Castle of Quiet Session Remixes" One track remixed by Cock E.S.P. Digital Download Breathmint    
    2010 Solypsis "Solypsis Remixes" One track remixed by Cock E.S.P. Digital Download Digital Vomit    
    2009 Uncivilized "Tea Remixes" One track remixed by Cock E.S.P. Digital Download Digital Vomit    
    2007 Winters in Osaka "Ruins" One track is a collaboration with Cock E.S.P. CDR Winters in Osaka    
    2006 Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck split w/ Intestinal Discharge Emil Hagstrom Cassette One track remixed by Cock E.S.P.    
    2006 EVOL "Punani Quatre" Emil Hagstrom CD One track remixed by Cock E.S.P.    
    2005 __________ "__________" Studio jam session featuring members of Cock E.S.P. Picture Disc LP Breathmint    
    2004 Gravity Propulsion System "Poison Rays of Sound - Remixed" One track remixed by Cock E.S.P. Digital Download Gravity Propulsion System    
    2004 Rotten Piece "Folk Music of Venus" Features material from a Rotten Piece/Cock E.S.P. studio jam session. CDR Lazy Squid    
    2003 V/Vm "Relax - Truth & Lies" Features Cock E.S.P. material. Picture Disc 7-inch V/Vm Test    
    2003 Rose for Bohdan "Decoration Monster" One track remixed by Cock E.S.P. Double CD Deathbomb Arc    
    2001 Immortal Cringe "Undying Fear" Features Cock E.S.P. material. CD Demolition    
    2001 To Live & Shave in L.A. "The Wigmaker" Features Cock E.S.P. material (credited as "Emil Hagstrom") Double CD Menlo Park 2001    
    1998 Harry Pussy "Live Fuck Love Songs" Cock E.S.P. performs on one track. VHS Hell's Half Halo (H3-01)